pühapäev, 28. veebruar 2010


Ketid, ketid, ketid!
Väga lahe teema minu meelest. Kettide idee tekkis juba eelmisel aastal, kui Karma ja Andraga ehteid tegime. Nüüd siis leidis see idee ka rakendust :)
Well well well - I'll do some magic and try to write in English too for a while. At least this is my plan for today :D
So - I'm going to give a short review of the text above (which is in Estonian) and this will have two main purposes. Firstly - I just have to improve my English, so - this is more like an exercise for me. Secondly - I'll give a chance to people who'd like to read this blog in English.
Lot's of bloggers are doing this (multilingual blogs) and so I was also thinking - why not :D
But about jewelry - this time I used lot's of chains. The idea of this pattern had been in my mind for a long time already and now I got to try it.
That's it for today. Let's hope that you'll see my new posts here more often than you do right now :D

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